Saturday, December 11, 2010

Alternative Wrapping

Hello There! 

The other day I was able to get a bit of a head start on my Christmas wrapping. Ok- it was only 2 presents, and they're both for Dillon. But it's a start, right?!

This year we decided to not buy any Christmas wrapping materials - paper, ribbons, boxes, etc.. We're going to use the scraps from the newspaper that we bought on Thanksgiving, and reconstruct boxes that are in our recycling.

Here's a look at how they turned out!

I love them! I'm really one of the least crafty people I know, but I think they turned out great! I'm terrible at wrapping in the first place, so this kind of hides it. It makes for a very eclectic look. 

So I was laying on the floor taking pictures, and someone was very interested... 


Or just really wanted attention...

I love when she stretches out like that. She's so cute, it just melts my heart!

Well I hope you're having a great Saturday. Dillon and I got a bunch of Christmas shopping done. I have to head to work in a bit, and then we're going to meet up with some friends for a birthday outing downtown tonight. It should be a good time. 

I'll leave you with a thought of one of the real reasons for the season...



  1. Cute, Cute, Cute -
    Cute Presents, Cute Kitty, Cute Tree!!!

  2. I LOVE this way of staying "green" while still wrapping gifts! :)