Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long Time No.. See?

I'm back!!

It's been forever since I've blogged, and I've been told by a few of you that I should keep it up. I just lost all of my motivation to blog for some reason. Oh well, life happens! I'm going to try to check in more often again :)

When we left off, I had just signed up for my first marathon! And well, training was awesome and so was the race.

Let's start with a recap of the trip!

This was Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN. We drove there on Thursday, 2 days before the race. We stayed in a hotel that was just about 2 blocks away from the harbor and were on the 11th floor where we had a great view!! .. when it wasn't super foggy!

Duluth was cold and gloomy while we were there. It was dry though on Friday, but they were calling for rain all morning on race day.

On Friday, we explored the town a bit, fed the seagulls, ate a Pizza Luce (my fave!!), and watched the 5k that went on that evening. All while I was trying not to fatigue my legs and while I kept obsessing over the fact that it may rain.. I was pretty nervous/anxious all day, but we still had a good time. Here are some pics..

The lift bridge
I loved the seagulls! They were hungry :)
The fog finally cleared in the afternoon.
It was so pretty by the water.
The start of the 5K.
Cheering them on - the leaders were so fast! 
Then we tried to find somewhere to eat that wasn't packed. We ate pizza around 2 because I wanted to have my large meal before the race earlier in the day so I would have more time to digest it. We ended up just having Subway, which was less-than-stellar, but it worked. I didn't want to fight the crowds anywhere!

That night I took a hot bath while enjoying some Gatorade (orange flavor, of course!) and reading Runner's World. Then I tried to go to bed around 9, but it was too hard. I didn't get there until after 10 probably, and I think I woke up every 2 hours or so. I ended up getting up at 3:45 am to get ready for the race!!

.... And that's where I'm going to leave off for tonight. Next post - Marathon Recap - Hopefully with some of the professional pictures I ordered :-)

I'll be back soon this time - I promise!

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