Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Day!

Its nice to start out the week with a good day!

I had a great run and lifting session this morning.

I was able to keep my eating well under control - I wasn't very hungry very much.

Work was pretty mellow.

I ate a BUNCH of fruit! 2 bananas, 3 clementines, 2 apples.... yum!

I got my iPhone!!! My wonderful hubby picked it up from our apartment office and set it all up for me.

The one little snag in the day was that I lost my car key - hopefully I'll find it at work tomorrow. Good thing is that we only like about 2 blocks from work, so Dillon was able to bring me my spare really quickly!

And I made a fabulous dinner!

A delicious strifry! Photo taken from my iPhone.. not bad, eh?

Serving it up!

Served over 1 cup of brown rice. So satisfying.

Dillon found this cool thing you can do with WolframAlpha. Just add your ingredients with "+" signs in between them, and you get this:

Nutrition facts! This made 3 servings, so 442 calories per serving... and you get all the great vitamin values and such.

Dillon always discovers cool things like this - I should really listen to him more!

Well with that, I'm going to go have him teach me more about my new phone!

Au revior!


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