Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How To: Peanut Butter

Good Morning!

The last time I made peanut butter I took a bunch of pictures to share with you! It took me awhile, but here's how you make fresh peanut butter.

Put about 1.5 cups of roasted, unsalted peanuts into a food processor. I buy them from the bulk section of my grocery store.

Start to blend.

It will start getting chunky - keep blending.

Scrape the sides as needed.

It forms into this big clump of peanuts - that's good! You're almost there.

Keep blending - you can see it's getting smooth.

Smooth!! You can stop it to add a pinch of salt here if you like, and blend a bit more.

All done!

Make sure to keep blending until it gets nice and drippy like this.

Then put in a jar and in your refrigerator. 

See? It's so easy. With peanuts, this whole process only take about 5-8 minutes. With almonds, it takes more like 12-15 minutes to get smooth, but it's the same process. You just need a bit more patience with almonds. 

This is way cheaper than buying natural peanut butter and a lot less wasteful! Plus, fresh anything is better than the alternative! I haven't bought a jar of nut butter since I started making my own. I make a batch every Sunday because we usually go through a whole batch each week! I'm a nut-butter-aholic, what can I say ;)

See you later tonight for a recap of my day - Hope you make some nut butter!


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