Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Saturday


I hope your work week ended well. I had yesterday off from work, but I have to go in today. Oh well, I was very productive yesterday!

I went for an hour long run outside! It was a lovely 28° and sunny - I had forgotten how much running outside is much better than on the treadmill. I can't wait for spring!

I did other random errands and cleaning, and then Dillon and I went to our favorite beer place, JL Beers. Even though I'm trying to lose weight, I was able to plan for this outing, and I enjoyed 2 beers and shared an order of their homemade chip with Dillon. I'm a firm believer that I shouldn't have to give up stuff like that because I really enjoy it! I just need to work it into my plan, so I'm not going overboard.

A brief recap of some of my eats yesterday:

Calories consumed: 1670
Caloried burned: 785

Breakfast was the usual, toast, banana, and nut butter. - 285 calories

During my errand running, I picked up one of these bars to hold me over until lunchtime.

I think this might be my new favorite bar! I don't like to eat too many bars like this because they are pretty high in sugar, but this one was quite delicious. It had 230 calories and 13 grams of protein! A good way to refuel my muscles after my run.

Then I had a light late lunch -

Romaine with 2 tbsp of light zesty Italian dressing, Ezekiel bread with hummus, and 2 tbsp of dried cranberries for something sweet.  - 237 calories

Then Dillon and I went to JL; I didn't take any pictures, though we talked about how when I get my iPhone (hopefully on Monday!!), I'll most likely take many more pictures because the camera is very good. There with 1 tall beer, Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, and 1 pint of Honey Weiss, along with about half an order of some homemade chips, I calculated it was about 753 calories. Not very healthy ones, but we had fun, and that's what's important!

Afterwards, we came home and watched The Social Network and shared an apple and some popcorn. Good movie - different than I expected, but it was entertaining. That snack was about 165 calories. 

I was kind of on the low side for net calories yesterday, but I wasn't that hungry. I'm sure I'll make it up somewhere along the line.

On a very happy note, my weight went from 155.8 on Thursday to 152.4 today :) I know weight fluctuates quite a bit, but I'm much happier with 152. I've never gotten any lower than that, so hopefully soon!

Time to get ready for work once again! I can't wait for tomorrow for the Superbowl! Go Packers :)


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